Today is Blasphemy Day

Started by the Center for Inquiry, on Blasphemy Day, the idea is to raise awareness of blasphemy laws which still exist in the laws of a number of the United States and European countries.  Blasphemy Day started in 2009 and is celebrated on September 30 of each year.

The day also marks the anniversary of the original drawing of the Muhammad cartoon in a Denmark newspaper which was responded to by Muslims with violent protests, death threats, and terrorist attacks.

In some countries, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, blasphemy can be punishable by death.  Many anti-blasphemy laws have been overturned since their conception, but many still remain in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands.  Still shocking, such laws still remain in Michigan, South Carolina, Oklahoma (2, 3), Pennsylvania, Wyoming (§ 1-29-106), and Massachusetts (which is actually the first state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage!) -- though these laws are rarely enforced.

For obvious reasons, blasphemy laws are a violation of the 1st amendment.

So, please raise awareness of these laws so future generations won't think we take them seriously.

Jumping black baby Jesus on a lubed up pogo stick, and a happy Blasphemy Day to you!

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